Adam didn't die the day God said he would!



"Adam didn't die the day God said he would!" 


When Adam sinned, God's warning that he would die began to come true. In Hebrew, the expression 'you shall die' means 'dying you shall die' - in other words, a process of dying was to begin. Science has found that death is a process that begins at conception. Within every cell, at the end of the DNA, are small pieces called telemeres. At each division of the cell a telemere is lost. Eventually all the telemeres are gone and the cell dies. 'Dying you shall die' is literally fufilled."

Skeptics maintain that Adam didn't die that day. He certainly did. Death entered him: "As by one man sin entered the world, and death by sin..." Also, it must be remembered that the scriptures inform us that a day to the lord is a thousand years to us (see II Peter 3:8). Adam died at the age of 930 years (Genesis 5:5). 

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