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"The fact that there are so many versions proves that the Bible has mistakes. Which one is right?" 


True, there are many different versions of the Bible. There are versions in Chinese for the Chinese. There are versions in Russian for the Russian people. There are actually thousands of versions of the Bibleósome are in modern languages, some in foreign languages, and some are in old English. Few, in the printing age, can claim that they donít have access to the Scriptures in their own language. However, each translation is based on the original biblical texts.

This is not to say that all versions are equal. The merit of a version of the Bible is not in the version itself, but in the God-inspired words of the Bible. Just like any normal linguistic translator should as accurately as possible take what was said in one language and say it in another, so a translation of the Bible should be as true to the meaning of the original words as possible.

Simply because a translator can't translate a word into another language does not necessarily mean that the man who said it messed up. It just means that there is some gap between the two languages. For example, the one (incredibly broad) English word "love" has at least three counterparts in Greek.

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