Stars And The Young Earth Theory



“How does the young-earth theory explain that we can see stars millions of light-years away? How would the light have reached us?”


Since God made the sun, moon, and stars “to give light upon the earth” (Genesis 1:14–18), those lights would be immediately visible on earth. They fulfilled their purpose on the day God spoke them into being, because He “saw that it was good.” No doubt God also made Adam as a fully-grown man—perhaps with the appearance of being 30 years old, even though he was only minutes old. Likewise, herbs and trees were already mature and fruit-bearing, to provide a ready supply of food. That would be the case with all of His creation.

Another very interesting way to explain the phenomenon of light judged to be "eons" old is the same theory often used to substantiate the big bang theory: Hubble's expanding universe theory. When Albert Einstein came up with his general theory of relativity, he found that it would point to an ever-expanding universe. This lead him to compensate for this by adding an extra constant. After Edwin Hubble (1929) showed that stars have a "red shift" (similar to the Doppler effect that allows meteorologists to track moving precipitation) that varied directly to their distance, scientists recognized that the evidence points to an expanding universe. Einstein then said that when he changed his theory to reflect a static Universe "the greatest blunder of my life." So, another good way to explain this phenomenon is simply that they were much closer when the light first hit earth.

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