I need to get my life cleaned up first.



"I need to get my life cleaned up first." 


Those who think that they can clean up their lives donít see their true plight. They are standing guilty before a wrath-filled God. They have been condemned by His Law (John 3:18; Romans 3:19). If a man commits rape and murder and admits to the judge that he is guilty, will the judge let him go just because the man says he will clean up his life? He is in debt to the law and must be punished. We may be able to clean up our lives in the sight of man, but not in the sight of God.

The only way we can be cleansed is to repent and trust in the Savior. Christís blood is the only thing that can wash away sin from our life. To clean your life up before turning to Christ is like a man saying that he will go to the doctor once he stops being sick. The reason he goes to the doctor is because he is sick. We will not be healed from our sins until we humble ourselves and go to the Divine Doctor Jesus Christ.

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